this is stolen from SC’s blog, so I’m sure at least some people have read it already, but I find it to be an excellent summary of the situation in Honduras, and a very good demonstration of how “democracy” and democracy aren’t the same thing (because in this case, they’re opposites):

Disappearing the Truth in Honduras


3 comments on “Honduras

  1. David Marjanović says:

    For fear of already procrastinating too much, I deliberately avoid reading SC’s blog, so thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Now, someone should bring it to Obama’s attention. Is he ignorant of it? Does he follow a domino theory where Chávez was just the beginning of a wave of bloated leftist populist anti-American strongmen in the region? What the fuck is going on? I mean, it’s not like Honduras had oil, is it.

    (Now that I mentioned Obama, you’ll get some traffic, I suppose ;-) )

  2. Jadehawk says:

    I highly doubt he’s completely ignorant of it. Far more likely, this falls into “I know, I just don’t care.” It’s not like Honduras is of any importance to the US right now (especially right now, when it’s not potentially falling under Chavez’ control). Clinton has been dealing with the situation in Honduras in a way that suggest they just want to superficially patch it up as quickly as possible to make it look sufficiently democracy-ish to be able to forget about it again and go back to dealing with “more important things”.

    IOW, they treat it like a distraction, not like an issue.

  3. David Marjanović says:

    Looks like it. They’re forgetting the damage to their reputation …or don’t care, because they know everyone knows the teabaggers are a lot worse still.

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