A Kitteh and an April Fool’s roundup

kitteh:eyes of a black kitten visible from a pile of blanket

roundup of April 1st stories:
St. Paul group reports hiring Dennis Rodman to ‘broker peace’ with Minneapolis
Gmail Blue
Google Nose
Drop bears target tourists, study says
EDIT: and this one, because so cyoot: Adventure Kitten Gear
and this one is from last year, but still sooooo good:

a kitteh and an announcement

I was hoping to squeeze in a blog post this week, but it’s been too busy and I’ve not been feeling well enough for it, so no blogpost this week. No blogpost next week either, because I’m about to leave for a field course, and I won’t be back until the 17th.

I should have an article at Secular Woman published later this month, so there’s that to look forward to.

And in the meantime, enjoy this picture of Dusty:005

Necromancy, kittehs, and a link dump


    I’m reviving my blog. The ultimate goal will be 2-3 posts a week, of which one will be a regular post, one will be a link-dump, and the optional third will be either another regular post or one of the more extensive projects I’ve been putting together (currently still working on putting together a few essays on 19th Century women’s rights activism, for example; and I also hope to get to another such project either on Backlash or on Intersectionality). That goal won’t be reachable until after my Cthulhu campaign ends, since right now, instead of writing blogs, I’m inventing more and more ways to try to drive my Investigators insane and/or kill them off. And at the very latest, a regular schedule should become very easy in August, when I begin my 1-year-break from university.

Kittehs:three fluffy cats cuddling on the floor

Link dump:

    a favorite MRA talking point refuted: no such thing as “women and children first”

    an example of PHMT that would have been easily fixed if we had an Equal Rights Amendment: Man accused of fraud after taking on his wife’s name

    from the WTF department: gun buyback nets a missile launcher

My Summer Vacation: A Visual Essay

I was supposed to travel to the East Coast at the beginning of the break, but that didn’t happen due to exhaustion and illness. Instead, I got to spend my money on medical bills, instead. First there was the mystery chest/gut pains, which never got explained but were either anxiety attacks or my tooth infection spreading; then, there was the tooth extraction, which the dentist called the most difficult extraction he’s ever had to perform. And then, to top it all off, this happened:
the problemthe culprit:the cause of the problem anyway, so I’ve been stuck with astronomic helthcare bills ever since, as well as having cabin fever from being stuck with these for 6 weeks now (and as a side note, that type of crutch is way more cumbersome and uncomfortable than this kind. why the fuck do American hospitals hand out the former, rather than the latter?!).
This of course also means my garden was completely overrun by weeds, since trying to do gardening with a broken foot is rather difficult.

On the positive side, I did finally manage to paint a miniature in such a way that I’m really happy with the end result:Druid Wilder
Now I’m working on these two guys, and hopefully they’ll work out just as well:

And last but not least, apparently we own three cats now. Couple days ago, boyfriend’s mom dropped of a kitteh with us (she doesn’t like it, because it starts fights with the older, sedate cat she has). we haven’t named him yet, so for now he’s “twerp” or “bouncy”:
The End

A kitteh and a link dump

I was going to write a post using most of these, but I changed my mind. Still, the links are informative reading, so I’m just going to post them without the article that was supposed to go around them. And just to make the post more than just a dry linkdump, here’s a picture of Dusty:

Not a safe space — a good 101-level explanation of what the term “safe space” even means.

Michigan Legislators Demand Control of the Organ Which Must Not Be Named — summary of what thedrama in Michigan, with summary of the effects of their anti-woman bill

Chicago Police misclassifying trans women of color in the sex trade as “johns” in its “end demand” initiative — article on how the police manage to turn a anti-procurers-of-prostitution campaign into a campaign to arrest, out, and shame poor trans women of color

Despite The Evidence, Anti-Choicers Persist in Lying About Emergency Contraception — article by Amanda Marcotte about something I’ve been saying repeatedly: the science has already shown that hormonal contraceptives, including Emergency Contraception, doesn’t cause implantation failure.

Respect as it applies to anti-harassment policies — A conference organizer states his opinion about the relative importance (or lack thereof) of whether anti-harassment policies will make it harder for people to get laid.