Another post over at The Feminist Hivemind

I finally got around to write again for the excellent Feminist Hivemind site: On Human Agency, Part 1: Why common ideas about choice-making don’t work.

If you can’t comment there for some reason, feel free to comment here instead. :-)

2 comments on “Another post over at The Feminist Hivemind

  1. Regarding projection as a means to understanding an axis of oppression beyond ones own experience : one would have thought that any attempt at this is inevitably going to fail because of no obvious frame of reference. Far better would be to reference it from a neutral perspective by accessing the testimony of those who experience it. This avoids the pitfalls of generalisation and stereotyping

    A case in point. I am a man. Given that fact I have absolutely no idea what it is like to be a woman and never will either [ I am perfectly happy within my masculinity so trans gender is not a possibility here ] I could imagine by use of projection what it is like. But because it is so beyond my own life experience it would be impossible to understand it with any degree of objective accuracy. So the natural default position therefore is to access those who do understand what it is like. I will still lack the necessity to experience it for myself of course but at least it will be real and genuine as opposed to false and fabricated. It would reference a greater overall objective understanding of that particular experience and empathy and compassion too where required

    Now those who are misogynistic are less likely by definition to have ever studied feminism because projection is so much easier. It does not even have to be objectively true. It just has to be the opinion of whoever is stating it. I therefore think that one way in which society becomes less unequal – albeit glacially so – is by this method. Unfortunately one cannot do much about a closed mind that refuses to learn about the experiences of those beyond its own immediate frame of reference. But as long as some are prepared to do so then there is hope

  2. David Marjanović says:

    …I’m surprised you disclosed your meatspace name.

    Right now (1:33 pm) I’m too tired to read much of the rest. :-] I tried. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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