Swallowed by The Feminist Hivemind

I’ve not quite been able to return to full-on blogging (working on it though). However, I did commit myself to writing one of the inaugural articles to the new secular feminist bloggy-thingy, The Feminist Hivemind, so I kinda had to make myself write it.

I’ll be still primarily blogging here, but articles written for the Hivemind will be linked to from here rather than cross-posted. And especially, major articles I want to have greater visibility will probably go there, since I expect a place with more writing and more varied perspectives to also receive more traffic than my blog over here (which only sometimes gets a large audience).

Anyway, here it is: Feminism, Skepticism, Secularism, and a Venn Diagram

3 comments on “Swallowed by The Feminist Hivemind

  1. I certainly hope you carry on blogging here and are not deterred by the flow of traffic you receive. Being right and being popular are not mutual absolutes after all and I for one am very interested in what you have to say even if I may not always agree with it. So keep on providing thought provoking articles now

  2. David Marjanović says:

    …In particular, commenting is much easier over here. Over there I’d need to log in to teh gugel first, which is a PITA.

  3. There does not seem to be many comments on topics over there. And no indication of how many blog there either. I prefer sites with moderate traffic but I seem to unfortunately be drawn to ones that have significantly less than that however

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