short thoughts about Occupy Wall Street

1)the We are the 53% site is such a fascinating mix of privilege and internalized class oppression. Some sociologist out there should really delve into it

2)Rachel Maddow’s “Machine Against the Rage” headline is fucking brilliant; so’s the segment it came from: Conservatives in panicked hysteria over Occupy Wall Street

3)Most hilarious protest EVAR: Robin Hood in a kayak

4)The police really fucking hate OCW, don’t they. First, in NYC: the macing of peaceful protesters; the arrests of 700(!)protesters in NYC, and of course shit like this. Now, in Boston: police beat up (elderly) veterans, arrest 50-100 protesters

EDIT: I really should check TYTNetwork before making these posts: Cenk Uygur on “we are the 53%”

4 comments on “short thoughts about Occupy Wall Street

  1. David Marjanović says:

    and in case some people still use IE

    *hug* ^_^

    I should spend an evening on all this. And I’ll look into Firefox 7. I promise :-)

    “Machine against the rage” reminds me of Wutbürger.

  2. David Marjanović says:

    Been to NYC (with onion girl, Muse, Sili & JackC), seen OCW. Except… no idea where Wall Street was; we only saw Liberty Square, which is really not very big at all. Lots of very general hippie-ish “let’s improve the world” stuff there. Police was represented by an empty mobile observation tower and 3 empty little vehicles.

  3. David Marjanović says:

    Scientists join Occupy Baltimore.

    You said you stay away from TET now :-( , so I have to post this here, too.

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