assorted short thoughts

1)this being the last few weeks of school, I’m swamped with work and taking a blogging-break until mid-May

2)I was linked by a real-life journalist! yay! plus, the blogpost she wrote was very interesting, so go read

3)visual WTF of the day

4)verbal WTF of the day:

If the demand for land were only D4, land rent would be zero. Land would be a free good — a good for which demand is so weak relative to supply that an excess supply of it occurs even if the market price is zero. […] This essentially was the situation in the free-land era of U.S. History

5 comments on “assorted short thoughts

  1. David Marjanović says:

    1) Huh. The summer holidays start early in ND. Is the weather continental enough to fit this? – Coincidentally, I won’t have much time before mid-May either (deadlines for conferences and stuff), so it’s good you don’t provide another distraction for me :-)

    2) “Interesting” is a way to put it.

    3) WTF indeed. (Also, she looks suitably ugly, though I don’t think this is only due to the cubistic/futuristic presentation.)

    4) *sigh*

  2. David Marjanović says:

    …why did I write “ugly”? I meant “evil“. She’s not actually particularly ugly.

    I’ll blame it on the constant humming. The Internet-by-cell-phone-network receiver is very demanding for this computer, for, presumably, some reason.

  3. Canada had its free land era too. Several of my ancestors trace to the Carignan-Salières Regiment and the filles du roy. The regiment came to Canada to fight the indians, but found the villages emptied by smallpox. The king sent the filles to keep the men there. That was probably the first free land in the Americas, since the very first wave (of several waves) of emmigration from central and eastern Asia. Every other wave encountered occupied territory, it is the human way.

  4. Dornier Pfeil says:

    in re gun soaked culture,
    The chief of police really thought those 4 year olds were that dangerous?

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