Everybody needs to read this

Posted on walton’s facebook, I think the few readers of mine who aren’t also his FBfriends need to read this article, as well. Just a warning though, reading that can be physically painful and nauseating. It certainly was for me:

Abortion stories

4 comments on “Everybody needs to read this

  1. David Marjanović says:

    I moused over the link, saw the URL, and… no. I don’t want to read any farther. :-S

    Hugs & chocolate for all.

  2. Jadehawk says:

    oh, THAT part of the link is actually not even the most poignant one. it’s the last story that literally made my guts hurt

  3. David Marjanović says:

    *chamomille tea*

  4. David Marjanović says:

    Of course, now that PZ has posted it, I’ve read the first story.

    *hot chocolate with vanilla*

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