School-related short thoughts

1)It’s “Catholic Week” at NDSU. I’m tempted to find and print out a copy of that 1997 “protect the pedofiles” letter and hand it to the first Catholic who bugs me about their religion.

2)NDSU has, without asking me, added me to their International Student mailing list, so now I get such highly superfluous information as tips for how to dress in ND winter so as not to freeze. WTF? Do they add everyone to that list who was born abroad, without asking and without any consideration for how long they’ve been in the country/in the State?

3)My sociology classes have started discussing Marxian theory and Feminist theory. Makes for a nice antidote to the economics class :-p

4) My notebook, which I bought from the NDSU bookstore, has “soy-based ink”. Methinks soy is becoming the green equivalent of corn. and on that note: funny picture

3 comments on “School-related short thoughts

  1. David Marjanović says:

    1) It’s what week!?!

    “Religion has no place in public schools, just like how facts have no place in organized religion!”
    — Superintendent Chalmers

    2) “They” is a computer program that was, of course, programmed to send that stuff to every foreign-born student. There’s got to be a way to unsubscribe.

    3) :-)

    4) So true, so true.

  2. Rutee says:

    Did PETA post that pic unironically?

  3. Jadehawk says:

    I really really don’t know, but it’s funnny

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