The glories of the US Healthcare System

So I went to my appointment at the “poor people’s clinic” (i.e. the university-affiliated clinic) to get the test to see if I still have immunity against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. I’m fairly certain I do, but without my Immunisation Record, I figured getting the blood test would be easiest.

Well, turns out doing the test is $300, while the vaccine itself is subsidized and apparently free (I don’t get itemized receipts, and I also got the flu vaccine and a tetanus shot, plus the visit itself costs money, but AFAICT the MMR was free). So I got one round of MMR today, and will have to go back for another round just before Christmas, because I don’t have any record of previous immunization.

So, due to the fucked up way the US subsidizes medicine, I’m about to potentially waste two rounds of MMR vaccine. Whee.

7 comments on “The glories of the US Healthcare System

  1. Jadehawk says:

    on the bright side, the doctor wasn’t American, so she spared me the potentially embarrassing conversation about whether or not I’m gonna end up marrying my boyfriend.

  2. Martin says:

    2 things I don’t get here: I’ve never heard of anyone having an MMR titre done, what’s that meant to tell me ? And secondly, if you had the MMR in Germany, you do not need a booster shot(or 2).It’s nonsense.

  3. Jadehawk says:

    yes, but I can’t prove that I had the MMR in Germany. and without proof of immunity, I don’t get to attend classes. So I’m getting 2 more, whether I need them or not.

    which is incidentally what the titre (that’s not how they spell it ’round these parts, dontcha know) was supposed to do: they don’t care whether I get vaccinated or get bloodwork done, they just need proof that I won’t be endangering herd immunity. turns out just getting vaccinated is cheaper than the titre though.

    I guess I should have mentioned in the post what this was all for, huh?
    Basically, US universities demand that all new students show proof of immunity to mumps, measles, and rubella(or explain why they’re exempt; religious exemptions were an option, unfortunately) before they’re allowed to attend classes. And like I said, since I don’t have the immunization records in english, and can’t exactly ask the doctor who performed them sign the damn paper, i had to prove it differently.

  4. Martin says:

    Weird.Why MMR, of all things, and not say, Hepatitis B or swine flu? Maybe it’s because of all the female students that will get pregnant, not good to have rubella when you’re preggers….;)

  5. David Marjanović says:

    So, is MM(R) not universally given in US highschools? I’m trying to understand why universities demand any immunization record at all…

    And I suppose a notarized translation of your immunization record would have cost 300 $ or more and would have been difficult to organize?

  6. Paul says:

    So, is MM(R) not universally given in US highschools?

    Free (well, government-subsidized) healthcare? What are you thinking, David? It’s hard enough to get them to not remove subsidized or free lunch programs for poor kids, let alone paying to protect kids from getting sick if they’re too stupid to wash their hands*.

    *Does not represent my PoV…

  7. David Marjanović says:

    School lunches are actually rare over here, because most kids simply go home at noon.

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