America: fighting the long hard battle against redundancies

Remember when I wrote about how important redundancies were to a functioning system?

The stimulus bill included a fuckload of projects that were meant to provide these redundancies: windfarms, railroads, urban public transportation, etc. But now that the Republicans have swept into office, they’re trying to undo this. And here’s the kicker: doing so won’t even save any tax money, since the funds will simply go somewhere else, rather than be returned to taxpayers. Something similar already happened when New Jersey’s governor cancelled the construction of a tunnel connecting NJ to Manhattan (where a fuckton of people from NJ work). On more local levels, many public transportation projects were either voted down or defunded.

So, facing a future transportation crisis as we move closer to feeling the consequences of Peak Oil, the US is doing the exact opposite of what’s necessary: it’s letting its currently existing infrastructure crumble away (in some cases quite literally so), while stopping all alternative infrastructure projects. And if the Bush Administration is a good guide for what a future Republican administration would do, then defunding what little America has in terms of alternative infrastructure is also very much on the table.

It’s almost as if the USA are trying to commit suicide the long way. Are republicans really this delusional, or do they simply not care, as long as the corporate money keeps rolling in?

6 comments on “America: fighting the long hard battle against redundancies

  1. Kausik Datta says:

    Isn’t there an option C – “All of the above”? It’s that. I really, really can’t understand the Republicans, least of all the teabaggers. They seem to be like steaming piles of contradictions all around. On one hand they cry themselves hoarse advocating small government; in the same breath, they want the Federal government to ban all abortions and take away the bodily autonomy of women. They talked about reducing spending, and yet could not name, when asked, a single specific thing they would cut that would result in saving. And the American people have put them back in the position of power once again. Delusional rethuglicans? Delusional Americans, more like (with apologies to all Americans who didn’t vote for these buffoons).

  2. David Marjanović says:

    I suppose that’s what protest voting looks like in a two-party system. *sigh* Well, Obama will veto all that shit (I hope), and then in 2012 people will be fed up with split government (I hope), will blame it on the teabaggers (somehow), and will vote 60 Democrats into the Senate. (Hey, it almost worked last time.) And then, finally, they’ll change lightbulbs.

  3. Jadehawk says:

    Obama can’t veto any of the stuff mentioned in this post.

  4. David Marjanović says:

    So we need to rely on the willingness of the Democratic and Independent senators to risk a filibuster? :-S :-S :-S

  5. Jadehawk says:

    no David. this is state-level stuff. the federal government doesn’t have anything to do with it (other than having passed the stimulus bill itself, which is already done).

    These are governors we’re talking about, and state-level propositions.

  6. David Marjanović says:

    <headdesk> I was too st00pid to click on your link. I’m sorry. <headdesk> I hope that’ll teach me! <headdesk>

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