writer’s block

sorry everybody, I seem to not have any thoughts worth writing down lately. I blame this partially on the ridiculous number of feminism arguments on Pharyngula; they’re mentally exhausting.

I’ve got some ideas for blog-posts though, so as soon as I can get my thoughts on those subjects sorted out, I’ll write something. The blog is not dead yet :-)


5 comments on “writer’s block

  1. cicely says:

    But you do have thoughts worth writing down; it’s just that you’re writing them down elsewhere, where they’ll arguably reach more eyeballs. :)

  2. Kausik Datta says:

    Then, perhaps now is not the time to quiz you further on feminism-associated issues?

  3. Jadehawk says:

    quiz away, maybe I’ll have something to write about here then. After all, the point of the blog was to write down the thoughts that were clogging up my brain, but didn’t fit into any of the discussions I was having elsewhere.

    Though, I might be having a very busy rest of the week all of a sudden, so who knows :-/

  4. Martin says:

    I have sworn to myself that I shall stay away from any feminism issues on my own blog, even if it might be a good way to attract controversy and hence, traffic !
    Wrt writer’s block, what I find useful is to go through feeds of stuff that interests you in the morning or whenever you happen to get up, to give you ideas on what to write about.
    Oh, and, could you put me in your blogroll pretty please ?

  5. David Marjanović says:

    Hmmm… you said you’ve finished reading Yes Means Yes and just can’t find the words to express its awesomeness. So maybe just don’t try to express its awesomeness and instead give us a bland report of the contents?

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